with WaterAide's Personal Water and Desalination Filter Products

Have Peace of mind because you can drink any water, anywhere. Our Forward Osmosis water filtration products were originally developed for soldiers, giving them the ability to drink any water found on the ground, no matter how contaminated. 

Forward osmosis provides the highest filtration purity through its super-tight membrane - water goes in, contaminants stay out.

Works Like A Sponge

  • Effortless - Pouch aborbs water, leaving contaminants behind
  • Works in thick, dirty water - Does Not Clog
  • Compact - easily carried or stored
  • Products for freshwater and saltwater filtration.

Great for Traveling Abroad
Worried about waterborne illness? Simply fill your hotel sink, place a few packs in the water and enjoy a safe, purified, electrolyte enriched drink in hours.

Soldiers, first responders, boaters, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts all rely on Waterade to deliver high purity fluids from the most challenging water sources around the world.